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Environmental and Sustainability


Continual improvement of environmental performance is a key objective of our company.


RLP recognises the significance and value of pro-active environmental management and the need to eliminate or reduce the adverse environmental impacts of our operations to as low as possible.  


The company will:

  • Comply with all applicable Environmental Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice and client requirements.

  • Pursue a sympathetic and planned approach to the identification and control of operations that have the potential for environmental harm.

  • Develop and implement objectives and targets along with a system for monitoring their success.

  • Identify and manage significant environmental aspects and impacts of projects, work activities, plant and equipment and disposal of waste.

  • Ensure that our staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities for managing the environmental aspects of our operations.

  • Provide suitable resources to ensure the development and maintenance of the environmental management system for the company.

  • Respond sensitively and speedily to external and internal environmental feedback and the needs and concerns of communities and interested parties.

  • Communicate this environmental policy to all employees, contractors and other people representing the Company.



RLP Painting Contractors Ltd is committed to providing a high-class service that is sustainable and which aims to minimise the environmental impacts of its operations.


In order to meet our environmental sustainability commitments, we will ensure:

  • That we meet and where possible, exceed all current European, environmental legislative and regulatory requirements as well as those required by the industry

  • We adopt the best operational practices to reduce environmental impacts of our activities and policies

  • We will take action to reduce the carbon footprint from our activities and ensure our partners are also able to adapt to environmental change

  • We will monitor, manage and minimise our use of energy and water

  • We will minimise the environmental impact associated with travel in connection with our business

  • We will minimise the amounts of waste produced by us and our partners to encourage greater reuse and recycling

  • That environmental, including climate change, criteria are taken into account in the procurement of our goods and services

  • We will consider environmental factors when making decisions and activities including giving due consideration to environmental issues and energy performance when purchasing new plant and machinery

  • We will encourage and develop our employees, sub contractors and partners to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner

RLP Painting Contractors Ltd

Unit 1, Grange Lane,

Balby, Doncaster,

South Yorkshire, DN4 9BB

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E: info@rlp-painting.co.uk

M: 07803 745099

T: 01302 853077