Site Applied Protective Coatings

As an industry leading industrial coatings contractor, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver complex projects whilst maintaining robust safe systems of work, technical know-how and achieving specification requirements. Our painters have the training and experience to work in all types of industrial environments, this means that we can expertly access difficult areas and minimise the time required between maintenance schedules by applying advanced industrial coating solutions, specified by a trusted specialist coatings manufacturers.

 Our site team is fully ICATS trained (Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme). We have been working in Partnership across the UK for a multitude of customers including the Highways Agency. Quality is checked throughout our industrial coatings works, firstly, during the surface preparation stage when we use either manual or mechanical techniques to achieve the required surface finish. Techniques include high pressure water jetting, needle gunning or grit blasting.

 Regular checks are then made whilst the coatings are applied to ensure that the stated wet film thicknesses are being achieved from each layer of protective coating.  This ensures that critical infrastructure equipment is protected from the elements and the impact of corrosion, for the longer term – which means downtime to your activities is minimised.

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Intumescent Coatings

RLP Painting Contractors trained and competent staff can apply Intumescent Coatings in buildings to ensure that they are capable of withstanding high temperatures and to also ensure that buildings are structurally safe. This is a vital step  to consider when taking fire protection measures because if you do not use Intumescent Coatings, your structure could collapse, as steel softens in high temperatures. If Intumescent Coatings are applied this can be prevented.

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